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Often referred to as meditation son, Wazeike Cridland aka Liviti, is one of eight children fathered by Ansel Cridland (lead singer of the legendary reggae group "The Meditations"). Liviti was born in St. Catherine Jamaica and moved to New York with his family in the late 80’s. Growing up with a father who was and still to this day married to music and who has traveled the world as a musi- cian. Liviti was always surrounded by music, spending numerous hours watching his dad in rehearsal. Those days singer Glen Washington was playing drums in his dad’s band and Junior Jazz was playing guitar. The Cridland home saw many musicians come and go. Being so engrossed in music, Liviti wrote his first song at 10 years old called "Jenny". He recalls spending a lot of time with his dad, going From one studio to the next. From "Don One Studio" where he was present when Bounty Killa first came to the famous studio in Brooklyn, New York, to Sir Tommy’s Studio where many artist such as Sugar Minott, The Fire House Crew, and numerous artist recorded their singles and albums. To Philip Smart Studio where Shaggy recorded his famous “Boombastic” album and also where Liviti recorded his first song at 15 years old. He spent nights after nights and still got up to go to school the next day. Even his former classmates remember him writing songs in class and always ready to give them something new.

Watching his father recording and performing over the years, made music a way of life. He decided that this is what he wanted to do, but at first, keeping his dreams of being an artist from his dad, who wanted him to pursue being a lawyer or a doctor. After graduating high school in the Bronx, he decided to attend college in Miami to learn music engineering. He later deciding he was wasting his time in school, from already being groomed in a real recording environment. He felt like the class just wasn’t enough to challenge his mind. He took a break from it all. During his hiatus, he was still writing and honing his skill. When he decided that it was time to pursue his music career. In the process he got fed up of producers and artists who wanted to do business, but wanted him to sign contracts, that he viewed as unfair. So he went back to the drawing board and built a recording studio, so he could have total control of his work and decided to start producing his own instrumentals. Now having control of all his masters / being a ghost writer / owner of Liviti Inc and owner of S.H.M web design. He’s very focused these days and comes to us with a fresh sense of realism that vocally sits on any instrumental with ease. Like many successful artist of this generation, he got his buzz from myspace. Reaching over a mil- lion music plays in under a year. His voice made it all the way to africa, where a popular local band has copied his moniker.

Liviti is no stranger to hard work, and has toured regorously over the past years. He currently has a new project releasing with Tidal Waves. So support the thing by subscribing to the website, its free and we well you up to date on new music and everything Liviti. Keep the link and stay positive...1love


I am a Nubian, conceived and born, from the drum and Bass of reggae in Jamaica. Yet, I have also been molded and schooled in the streets of New York to the rhythm of hip hop and the chaos of rock ‘n’ roll.

My music is a reflection of my journey. It resonates from me like a beacon, calling all who resonate with this journey. For so many of us have come from so far and have settled in places that are now home. While with both hands and proud hearts we are rooted to our origins, lands that will always be home.

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